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July 2022 Review: The Best Movies I Saw Last Month

I am becoming a broken record player with all of my sad personal updates. July was rough between travelling and work this year. This month sees my lowest view count in two and a half years, which makes me really sad considering it is my birthday month. Between 21 First Time Watches and 1 Re-watch, here are my stats for the month of July!

Re-Watch Highlight: None this month

Unfortunately, the only movie I re-watched was just as irritating as I remember, The Prophecy (1995), so I have nothing to speak on for July.

Please check out the full review here.

BEST #3) Blood Hell (2020); Director: Alister Grierson; Australia/United States

After his release from prison for inadvertently causing the death of a bank employee while trying to stop a robbery, Rex decides to take a vacation to Finland to clear his head and shake off the paparazzi. Once there, he is abducted immediately and wakes up in a strange basement. He soon discovers that he is being held captive by a twisted family that have perverse plans in store for him. Thankfully, he manages to befriend the eldest daughter, Alia, who tells him the terrifying why behind his kidnapping and what her family plans on doing to him- the same thing that they have done to hundreds of travelers before him. Bloody Hell is a bloody good time. This action horror comedy features an affable protagonist with a conscious jaded from years of paying for crimes that would not have happened, had others done the right thing. Ben O Toole’s performance as Rex is easily the best part of the film, which is a difficult feat considering the cast of equally cooky and demented family members, the hilarious hijinks of escaping said home, and the quaint Scandinavian lore and monster born from this tale all are great reasons to love this one. Buckets of blood spill across the screen in this gory feature, which will do plenty to satiate those looking for severed limbs and unusual weaponry. It’s too good to pass up the opportunity to take a vacation from your usual watching habits and sit down to stream Bloody Hell.

Overall Score? 7/10

BEST #2) Revealer (2022); Director: Luke Boyce; United States

Please check out the full review here.

Overall Score? 7.5/10

BEST #1) Nope (2022); Director: Jordan Peele; United States

Please check out the full review here.

Overall Score? 7.5/10

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