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July 2021 Review: The Best and Worst Movies I Saw Last Month

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

July and August are always tricky months for me personally. They are always busiest due to work and oftentimes they are the hardest to stay committed to watching movies because it’s so nice outside. This month is no exception. While my view count is low at a lean 32 films, I watched plenty of outstanding movies in July and I am so happy to have seen them. Anyway, here are my picks for the best and worst of the bunch.

WORST #3) Howling III (1987); Director: Phillippe Mora; Australia

Worlds collide when a female werewolf wanders into the film scene and falls in love with a man who helps her make a career in movies. At the same time this is happening, a sociologist who studies werewolves is working diligently to prove their existence. It is later learned that this female werewolf is a part of a very special type of Australian werewolves that resemble marsupials. On the run from eradication and from future studying, the runaway and her newfound lover must make a choice to continue running or stand and fight. This series is so chaotic and not in a good way. A slight improvement on the terrible second entry in the franchise, Howling III takes a complete 180 degree turn and manages to fix almost none of the issues that plagued the franchise by this point. The plot is plodding and absolutely bizarre, the characters are meh at best, and there is relatively no exciting werewolf action to keep the film entertaining. It is never meant to be taken seriously, but it didn’t even make me crack a smile. You won’t be howling for more of these after watching this one, despite the many sequels that are still out there.

Overall Score? 3/10

BEST #3) Fear Street Part One: 1994 (2021); Director: Leigh Janiak; United States/Canada

Please check out the full review here.

Overall Score? 7.5/10

WORST #2) Savage Island (2004); Director: Jeffery Scott Lando; Canada

A young couple with a baby travel to a tropical island to visit family and vacation. Once there and after a terrible accident, they find themselves at the mercy of the twisted locals who seek vengeance from them in the form of their newborn child. Over the course of one night, the young couple and their family will have their world turned upside down by the relentless locals who believe they have been wronged by their urban ways. Will Julia and Steven survive the night with their child or are they doomed to succumb to the horrors of Savage Island? There is very little redeeming qualities in this film. It has trashy cinematography, an incomprehensible plot, and abysmal acting at every turn. While it is clearly an indie effort and budget is a concern, it doesn’t have to justify trash dialogue, repetitive sequences, and lack of pay off. What’s more is that there isn’t an angle in this film that makes it unique or otherwise interesting. It seems like a generic backwoods slasher that can’t replicate the slice and dice quality of traditional slashers or the grim or campy fun of exploitation films. It’s just there. Sometimes a horror film is worse when it leaves you feeling nothing and Savage Island is a whole lot of nothing in the end.

Overall Score? 2/10

BEST #2) Blood Red Sky (2021); Director: Peter Thorwarth; Germany/United States

Please check out the full review here.

Overall Score? 8/10

WORST #1) Virus Shark (2021); Director: Mark Polonia; United States

Please check out the full review here.

Overall Score? 1.5/10

BEST #1) Fear Street Part Two: 1978 (2021); Director: Leigh Janiak; United States/Canada

Please check out the full review here.

Overall Score? 8.5/10

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